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Model Railroad Tips And Ideas
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Now, I know that many railroad modelers who could greatly benefit from my Model Train Help ebook, simply won't order. That's fine with me from a business point of view, but it still bothers me personally… because I see all the emails, from model railroaders about the incredible value they received. Here's what I mean:

"Your ebook has done a lot of good to me, in reorganizing my existing layout. I am a railroader for the past 20 years and I thought that I know it all !!! Wrong.... I have learned a lot and the book has given me new ideas."
Evert. M, Ontario, Canada.

"I started building my Model RR a few months back after several years of reading, buying cars, locomotives, scenery and structures. Your reference guide has been just that. Every time I start a project or have a question in the middle of one, I will immediately pick up your reference guide to help me through the project. Thanks again, from a not so novice anymore."
Ben B, Houston, Texas, USA.

"You are a man of your word. The new edition of Model Train Help will take my model railroading (and all who read your ebook ) to a higher level. I can't think of any aspect that is not covered. Thank you for the best all encompassing book I've come across on model trains."
Burnell C, Montreal, Canada.

"I was thrilled to find your ebook! It's easy to understand. It's important to the average person to be able to not get lost in what you're trying to explain to them. You do an excellent job with that. I got your ebook because I have a friend who is thinking about someday opening a place where kids and adults can go to enjoy the love of trains. Thanks again."
Christine C, Plantsville, CT. USA.

"Model Train Help is a valuble tool for any model railroader, from novice to expert. I have started my 5th different layout and am still learning. Model Train Help gave me new ideas for creating realistic scenery from roads to mountains. The easy to understand explanation of the differences between DCC and analog was beneficial to me in deciding to keep my current railroad analog. I'm glad I ordered the book."
HKK, Montana, USA.

"Having just received your latest edition of 'Model Train Help', I can honestly say that it is the best book I have yet seen on the subject. As a newcomer to the hobby, I have found it to be extremely enlightening, a fantastic reference book (with numerous helpful contacts), and all that I needed! Thanks for producing a wonderful book...I will certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues!"
Hans A, Johannesburg, South Africa.

"For a first-time modeler I am super-impressed with this publication! It is 'down to< earth' and very easy to read and understand. It has a wealth of information! Every new modeler should have it available as a resource!!!"
Harold N, Hartland, N.B. Canada.

"After reading the Model Train Help ebook and thanks to the wealth of information contained in it I no longer have any questions or doubts as to what gauge and layout to use for my proposed backyard garden railroad."
Warwick V, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

“I have been a long time admirer of model trains. The e-book was easy to download and easy to understand. For the price it is too cheap. The info, and links are great and filled with valuable info, you would have to buy a book case full of books to get this information on model railroading. The tutorials are even better than I thought they would be. Thank you so much for you expertise. I only hope i can do as good on my newest lay out.”

"I belong to two HO model Railroad Clubs. I have the title of DCC Master in one club and DCC Troubleshooter in the other club. I am also an Engineer at the Walkersville Southern Railroad in Fredrick MD. I find your ebook a gold mine of information and an easy reference for many of my projects."
Ralph H, Virginia, USA.

"Robert Anderson has elequintly compiled a valuable referrencing tool for model train enthusiasts of all ages and gauges with his ebook 'Model Train Help'! It is the 'Soup to nuts' handbook packed with user friendly, tried and true tips for the novice and experienced model railroader alike - simply a must-have!"
Rich F, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

model train help book download

Model Railroad Tips And Ideas
^^ Get sample pages for FREE^^